WordPress performance without the headache.

I help digital entrepreneurs like you create more reliable, secure, and fast WordPress websites so that you can finally focus on growing your business.

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Managed Performance

I determine the best configuration for your website to achieve the best possible speeds, personally making sure that everything (from server to plugins to themes) is working together to create a beautiful online experience.

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Integrated Support

Get hands-on support for your entire website including hosting, plugins, and themes. Intimate knowledge of your site's code and configuration allows me to offer detailed support that traditional hosting companies can't match.

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Expert Knowledge

With nearly a decade of experience in software engineering, high-performance optimizing, and usability-focused design, you can rest easy knowing your site is managed by a seasoned WordPress professional.

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Growth Driven

Beyond just your site's performance, I also have a background in marketing and design. For Elite members, I actively look for ways your business can grow over the long-term and discuss these during monthly consults.

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Rock-Solid Infrastructure

Enjoy peace-of-mind with premium Kinsta hosting, fully managed plugins and themes, and pre-tested updates through secure deployment technology. Simply put, you'll never have to worry about maintenance or updates again.

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Technical Research

I personally do the research on plugins and themes upon request to ensure they meet optimal performance standards. I test them first in a staging environment (which you have access to), and make sure they don't break your site before deploying to production.

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Premium Plugin Access

With a growing list of premium plugins exclusively available to Freeshifter members, you'll gain a tooling advantage at no extra cost (with access the expert implementation that Freeshifter provides). If you need a plugin I don't have, and it passes my performance audit, I'll personally buy the license on your behalf.

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Meet the Founder

Hey, I'm Calvin. I've been a software engineer specializing in WordPress and modern technology stacks for nearly a decade. Over the years it's become amazingly easy to build profitable online platforms through powerful plugins. And yet, in addition to the technical burden of managing all these moving parts, founders and customers end up paying a performance tax in the end. More plugins = more problems, as they say.

I started Freeshifter because I don't believe founders should be worrying about the technical debt they incur when building their business. Instead, they should be building their dream company. If you agree and want someone in your corner, see what I can offer.

Calvin Koepke

What People Say About Calvin

Adam Clark
If you're looking for hands-on consulting for your web presence, Calvin has what matters. Software, design, strategy — everything you need. Adam Clark
Founder, Podcast Royale
Christiann Koepke
Calvin is excellent at communication, and his expertise in WordPress has helped me grow faster than I could have ever imagined. Christiann Koepke
Creative Director, Photographer
Brian Gardner
I have known Calvin for many years, and have worked with him on a number of projects. He's methodical, always learning, and creative. Brian Gardner
Founder, Authentik
JT Grauke
I’ve worked with several developers in the past and I can tell you — Calvin knows what he’s doing, plain and simple. He just gets it. JT Grauke
Founder, Design by Bloom
Rafal Tomal
There are very few people I trust with my designs and ideas — Calvin is one of them. He's a total joy to collaborate with. Rafal Tomal
Partner, Authentik
Greg Wiley
Calvin consistently delivers great work, and always thinks about the larger impact of design and development strategies. Greg Wiley
Co-Founder, Menud

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