Making WordPress Better
for digital entrepreneurs.

WordPress is powerful, but it's complex, slow, and always changing. I help you avoid this experience with dedicated development plans & custom services.

The Process

An experience is only as good as the process. That's why I've meticulously designed a system that works for both of us.

Introduction Call

First, we get to know each other through a video call. I dig in and find the real problems your business is experiencing. This is your chance to vent like you've always wanted to—and I'm going to take a lot of notes.

Research & Discovery

If the call goes well, then you're ready for Step 2. As discussed in our initial call, you'll receive a one-time invoice that covers the next week or so of research, discovery, planning, and one-on-one video calls.

Contract & Payment

Awesome! We have mutual understanding on the value of the project. Next, I work up a simple (and legal) contract and project scope for you to review and sign. Once signed by us both, the first invoice for 50% of the project cost is sent.


You've paid the first 50% of the project, and we shift into full-gear. I begin setting up infrastructure and allocating development resources to your project. During this time, your project gets priority and dedicated effort.

Ongoing Collaboration

During the development phase, we are very much working together. This isn't one of those scenarios where you don't hear from me for a month at a time. I check in multiple times a week, and expect you to do the same.

Completion & Launch!

All the hard work up until this point has been for something, and we're finally here: launch! We decide on a course of action that works for both of us and I (if desired) completely handle deployment of your new system.

Analyze Results

Finally, we measure the results to make sure that you your investment moved the needle. I care about results, and I'll be looking for those results on an ongoing basis, as well as offering 1 month of FREE Dedicated Pro to cover any post-launch updates.

Ready to Chat?

Now you know the process. Now, it's time to talk specifics and solve your problems.

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Or Learn More About Me

Meet the Founder

Hey, there! 👋 I’m Calvin, Founder and CEO of Freeshifter. I started Freeshifter because I wanted to solve two major problems in WordPress that I hear over and over again from clients: it’s complicated and slow.

I agree. So I decided to try and solve this by launching Freeshifter, and offering custom digital experiences built on WordPress and powered with a robust and flexible infrastructure for lasting success and growth.

See, I don’t just build websites. I build systems. And systems allow automation, decreased time-consuming tasks, and accelerated business growth for anyone.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some pretty great brands, including Copyblogger, StudioPress, and Blank on Blank. I’m a member of Toptal, a curated developer network of the top 3% of freelancing talent, and have led development for both small and enterprise-level companies.

If you want to Make WordPress Better for your company, let’s chat.

Kind Words From Brilliant People

Brian Gardner
I have known Calvin for many years, and have worked with him on a number of projects. He's methodical, always learning, and creative. Brian Gardner
Founder, Authentik
JT Grauke
I’ve worked with several developers in the past and I can tell you — Calvin knows what he’s doing, plain and simple. He just gets it. JT Grauke
Founder, Design by Bloom
Adam Clark
I have always admired Calvin’s perspective. His experience has allowed him to see the full scope of web performance. Highly recommended. Ben Ritner
Founder, Kadence Themes
Adam Clark
If you're looking for hands-on consulting for your web presence, Calvin has what matters. Software, design, strategy — everything you need. Adam Clark
Founder, Podcast Royale
Christiann Koepke
Calvin is excellent at communication, and his expertise in WordPress has helped me grow faster than I could have ever imagined. I definitely recommend him. Christiann Koepke
Creative Director, Photographer
Rafal Tomal
There are very few people I trust with my designs and ideas — Calvin is one of them. He's a total joy to collaborate with. Rafal Tomal
Partner, Authentik
Greg Wiley
Calvin consistently delivers great work, and always thinks about the larger impact of design and development strategies. Greg Wiley
Co-Founder, Menud

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