Below is a list of commonly asked questions about Freeshifter. If you have additional questions, you can reach out on Twitter or via email at any time.

What’s included in Dedicated?

Customers who subscribe to the two available WordPress maintenance plans get long-term benefits and an optional set of premium features. Details can be found on the Dedicated information and sign-up page.

Members on the Dedicated subscription plan (Pro and Elite only) receive 1 Feature Request a month as part of their hosting/maintenance package. A Feature Request is not quoted in hours, but is more akin to anything that requires development time and ends up with code deployment to the server.

As a general rule, Feature Requests must be less than 2 hours to qualify as a Feature Request. We’re not crazy about this — we understand that some months will require more hours and some will require less. However, if we see a repeatable pattern of more than 2 hours developing, we may begin to split Feature Requests up into smaller batches that can be completed each month in accordance with your subscription.

In the event that you need a larger Feature Request completed at a faster timeline than your subscription allows, it may be best to request a custom quote for the Feature.

Is it easy to cancel Dedicated?

Yes! Just send us an email (contact@freeshifter.com). You will until the end of your subscription term before your site is taken down. We’ll help you with migration off-site as well, and communicate with your chosen host, absolutely free.

How do you handle support?

For now, support can be requested by emailing contact@freeshifter.com. We hope to add more convenient ways in the future.

Customers on the three available WordPress Dedicated Plans have two levels of support. Because Freeshifter is a small company, response times are limited to availability and may vary depending on volume. In general, you get what you pay for. The below guidelines determine the general response rate subscribers can expect:

Plan Response Rate

Members on Dedicated Basic and Dedicated Pro receive a response to their support requests within 3 business days, although a response is usually faster.

Members on Dedicated Elite are part of a Slack channel and usually receive a response instantly or within a few hours.

Project Response Rate

If we are working on a custom project together, then response rates are fairly immediate. Clients are invited to a Private Slack channel for instant chat communication during the project term, but email is useful as well. Our process makes communication a priority.